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Alcohol excise duties new rates 2023

As you know, the indirect tax in the EU is a constant changing scenery, with new developments coming to force each year. Therefore, Eurotax is always there to keep you up to date with the upcoming changes in all the European markets.  

In this article, you will find how the alcohol excise duties are regulated and the changes of rates of the excise duty applicable for the alcoholic beverages, that went to force in January 2023 in France, Sweden & Italy. 

How are the alcohol excise duties regulated in the EU?  

Excise duties on alcohol are regulated through two main directives of EU legislation. 

1) The Directive 92/83/EEC on excise on duties sets out: 

The structures of excise duties on alcohol and alcoholic beverages 

The categories of alcohol and alcoholic beverages subject to excise duty 

The basis on which the excise duty is calculated 

It also includes special provisions such as reduced rates for small breweries and small distilleries, some products, and geographical regions. 

2) Directive 92/84/EEC sets out minimum rates that must be applied to each category of alcoholic beverage as well as reduced rates for some regions. 

Namely, EU legislation only sets harmonized minimum rates, which means that EU countries have the freedom to apply excise duty rates above these minima, according to their own national needs.  

New excise alcohol duties rates for 2023:  

Country Excise Category New excise rate as of 2023 
France Still wines 3,98 €/hl 
Fermented beverages other than wine and beer 3,98 €/hl 
Sparkling wine 9,85 €/hl 
Ciders/Pears/Hydromels 1,39 €/hl 
Intermediate products falling under one of the categories of wine products  49,73 €/hl 
Other intermediate products 198,91 €/hl 
Beers less than 2.8% vol. 3,91 €/hl/degré 
Beers over 2.8% vol. 7,82€/hl/degré 
Small breweries ≤ 200 000 hl 3,91 €/hl/degré 
Rum from the DOM 917,72 €/hlap 
Other spirits 1 834,42 €/hlap 
Reduced duty for distillers 917,21 €/hlap 
France: Social contribution Alcohols containing more than 18% vol. – Full rate 589,00€/hlap 
Intermediate products containing more than 18% vol. – Full strength 49,73 €/hl 
Intermediate products over 18% vol. – Reduced rate to 40 19,91 €/hl 
Beers over 18% vol. 49,73 €/hl 
Duty on rum and spirits made from local alcohol 403 €/hlap 
Italy Tax rates for beer  € 2,99 
Sweden Tax rates for beer  
Volume percentage Tax rate per liter and volume percentage 
Above 0.5 maximum 2.8 SEK 0.00 
Above 2.8 SEK 2.12 
Tax rates for wine and other fermented beverages  
Volume percentage Tax rate per liter 
Over 1.2 maximum 2.25 SEK 0.00 
Above 2.25 maximum 4.5 SEK 9.65 
Above 4.5 maximum 7 SEK 14.26 
Above 7 maximum 8.5 SEK 19.62 
Above 8.5 maximum 15 SEK 27.49 
Over 15 no more than 18 (wine only) SEK 57.53 
Tax rates for intermediary products  
Volume percentage Tax rate per liter 
Above 1.2 maximum 15 SEK 34.64 
Over 15 maximum 22 SEK 57.53 
Tax rates for ethyl alcohol  
Volume percentage Tax rate per liter of pure alcohol 
Above 1.2 SEK 521.76 per liter of pure alcohol 

Even more so, there are multiple countries that still have not announced any changes, therefore, Eurotax will keep you fully up to date as soon as the information becomes available. 

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