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Coffee excise duties in Germany

If you market and ship excisable coffee to Germany, Eurotax helps you with your excise declarations

35 years of Eurotax's experience in taxation, and now at the service of coffee sellers in EU to German individuals. Be supported by the market reference at the best price.

What are the regulations for coffee excise in Germany?

  • The tax must be paid from the first kilo shipped. 
  • Since 2010, mail order companies from the EU-countries have to register and pay the tax, if they are German private people. 
  • Under the German Coffee Tax Law, (in German: Kaffeesteuergesetz) retailers established in another Member State selling coffee to Germany must appoint a fiscal representative approved by the German customs authority.

What Eurotax offers in order for you to be in compliance:

Eurotax facilitates the payment of excise duties so as not to waste time on your deliveries

A single qualified interlocutor who speaks your language determines your obligations and assists you with regulatory (invoicing, traffic, etc.) and customs procedures

Eurotax offers you a tax representation solution  and assists you in your declarations (VAT, Intrastat, packaging, etc.)

In order to avoid complex administrative procedures, Eurotax offers you secure data exchanges 24 hours a day 

Choosing  Eurotax for your coffee excise service is to derive benefit from: 

An excise tax representative in Germany
Eurotax is an official fiscal representative for excise duties status in Germany, which allows you to sell your coffee to individuals at a distance, in addition to its expertise in VAT matters.
An Online Service
There is no need to send hard copies of your documents or invoices, our platform allows you to upload all files containing all your invoices and the accompanying documents which enables Eurotax to process your request and complete your declarations.
A Customer guarantee
Eurotax undertakes to complete the customer process within the shortest time possible.
A team of experts
From Eurotax’s expertise in excise duties and its natural VAT matters synergies, a calibrated and personalized offer was born for e-commerce vendors of coffee.
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