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Simulate your VAT & alcohol excise duties in Europe !

For many companies, selling the alcoholic beverages around the EU, it causes a headache to get in line with all of the tax legislations for accessing every corner of the European market. Usually, there are two matters you need to think about:

1. VAT

The matter of VAT touches every business. Nevertheless, even if you are identified for VAT in your own country, don’t forget that for your shipped alcohol the VAT will be due in the country of destination. How to take care of it? EU Commission did a great work simplifying this part, as of 1st of July 2021 introducing OSS – a single platform for reporting and paying your VAT for all the shipments around the EU. Nevertheless, you still need to follow the VAT rate to be applied in each of EU country of destination. For this, our tool can be a great help. Simply enter the country where you are shipping, and the simulator will automatically provide you with the VAT rate applicable for alcohol beverages in that country!

2. Excise duties

A more complex subject when it comes to taxation is excise duties. Few heard of it, even fewer knows how to apply it. And oh, did you know that it is different in each EU Member State? While the treatment of excise duties is not a piece of cake for everyone’s taste, Eurotax team, passionate about the subject, will gladly assist you with identifying the correct way to account for your excise duties. In the meantime, it might be important for your business to anticipate the amount that this tax will add to your pricing in different countries. Here our simulator becomes extremely handy – for every type of drink, size of bottle, you can find the excise duty that will apply in multiple EU countries. Now you can get your pricing aligned and contact our specialist for further steps.

Eurotax is glad to share with you the 1st tool in Europe for calculating excise duties & taxes

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Eurotax is providing VAT & excise duties services to many companies in Europe

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