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Fiscal representation

Management of your indirect taxes in Europe

Your fiscal representation & mandate in Europe

Eurotax is your best link with tax administrations in the EU. Note that intra-community taxation is an important issue in your development in Europe.

EUROTAX undertakes to assist and complete the VAT registration under fiscal representation in France

EUROTAX reviews and checks the data and documents relating to ongoing business activity in the country of compliance (etc. invoice compliance, review of VAT accounting) and reverts to you with suggested corrections

EUROTAX prepares and submits all necessary declarations on your behalf: VAT return, Intrastat, Intra Community Sales Listing and informs you regarding the payment and refund tracking with the Tax Authorities

EUROTAX remains the single point of contact with the Tax Authorities for any questions that may arise with regards to your company, we will always keep your company up to date

Choose our VAT compliance offer

VAT Compliance service

  • VAT representation
  • Monthly VAT return
  • Intrastat declaration

Your benefits with our Tax representation & mandate service

Risk Check
Risk Check
Verification of potential risks relating to your business activity in relation to indirect taxes based on our expertise in different EU countries
Exchange Data
Exchange Data
Data exchage made simple with most up to date tools at Eurotax use: API, Extranet, digitalize your reporting and make it simple!
Validation & Compliance
Validation & Compliance
Validation of your VAT data & compliance communicating it to the Tax Authorities
Expert advice
Expert advice
Our team of experts with over 10 years of experience in the field will always be just a call away

FAQ for tax representation & mandate

  • If you are not established in the EU, the appointment of a tax representative is often mandatory before carrying out your operations.
  • If you are established in the EU, there is no obligation but we strongly advise you to rely on a local tax representative

Tax representation is mandatory when a company established in a non-EU country where the tax representative is mandatory, carries out transactions taxable for VAT in an EU country. For this, the company must appoint a tax representative authorized by the tax authorities of the country in question.

For companies established in a non-EU country included in the list of countries for which tax representation is not mandatory, a tax agent may be appointed to carry out your VAT formalities.

Upon receipt of a copy of your invoices or a complete extraction in a standardized format of all your operations, Eurotax analyzes your flows and ensures your VAT compliance.

Should your company have any taxable activity in an EU country, you will likely be obliged to obtain a local VAT number. Contact our proffesionals in order to analyse your transactions and determine whether such registration is required for your business.

Tax compliance is crucial for any business. Non-compliance can result in penalties, interest, and other financial consequences. Companies can also lose their reputation and credibility if they fail to adhere to tax regulations.

Tax compliance involves adhering to tax laws and paying taxes owed in a timely manner. Both businesses and individuals must ensure that all income is reported, all deductions are properly substantiated, and all taxes are paid on time.

Hiring a tax representative can provide numerous advantages. Tax representatives can help taxpayers save time and money by providing informed tax advice. They can also assist taxpayers in avoiding costly tax errors.

Tax representatives can help taxpayers understand tax laws and plan their tax situation accordingly. They can also represent taxpayers during tax audits.

Furthermore, tax representatives can help taxpayers focus on their business  by taking care of the tax aspects. This allows taxpayers to concentrate on their strengths and develop their business or career.

Choosing the right tax representative can be challenging. Taxpayers should look for certified professionals with tax  experience. They should also seek tax representatives with a good reputation and a proven track record. Like Eurotax with more than 37 years of experience in Tax representation in France & the EU. 


By enlisting the help of a tax representative, taxpayers can avoid penalties for non-compliance. Tax representatives can assist taxpayers in adhering to tax laws and paying taxes on time. They can also help taxpayers in responding to tax documentation requests and represent them during tax audits.


Yes, in order to cover the joint liability for any unpaid amounts, the fiscal representative, such as Eurotax, will require a bank guarantee or security deposit to be put in place.

As soon as your company is registered for a VAT number, you will be required to submit VAT returns in the EU Member State, even if no transactions have occurred.

Once there is a payable VAT as a result of your VAT declaration, Eurotax team will inform you of the details of the transfer to be made to the local Auhtorities.

Fiscal representation for foreign companies:
A key issue for your development in Europe


What is fiscal representation ?


Fiscal representation is mandatory when a company, located in a country outside the European Union (EU), carries out taxable transactions for VAT purposes in an EU member country. Beyond language and customs, communication with the different administrations requires special resources and know-how.
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Eurotax : More than 35 years of expertise at the service of foreign companies

For more than 35 years, Eurotax has been assisting foreign companies with their tax reporting obligations and refunds. As your best link with the EU tax administrations, we ensure the proper management of your intra-community taxation, an important issue for your development in Europe.

Obtaining an intra-community VAT number

With Eurotax, you get comprehensive assistance in obtaining your VAT number, which is essential for conducting business within the EU. Thanks to our expertise and knowledge of local legislation, we facilitate your dealings with the relevant administrations.

VAT registration: a crucial step for your business

EUROTAX undertakes to assist and complete the VAT registration under the tax representation or mandate in Europe. We prepare and file all the necessary declarations on your behalf: VAT return, Intrastat, summary statement of intra-community sales and inform you about the follow-up of payments and refunds with the tax authorities.

Simplify the process with standardized extraction

From copies of your invoices or a complete standardised extraction of all your transactions, Eurotax analyses your flows and ensures your VAT compliance. This way, you can be sure that the relevant authorities are informed of your activities and that you comply with the laws in force in each country where you operate.

VAT refund application

In addition to managing your reporting obligations, Eurotax also takes care of submitting your VAT refund requests. With our expertise, we ensure that your rights are respected and that you can recover the amounts that are legally yours. We guarantee 100% success if your documents are validated.

Our experts speak your language

In order to guarantee a quality service and facilitate communication with our customers, our experts are fluent in several languages, including yours. This linguistic proximity helps us understand your needs and allows you to exchange with our specialists in complete confidence.

Choosing Eurotax means choosing a reliable and competent partner

By using Eurotax’s services, you benefit from the know-how and experience of our dedicated team to meet your tax obligations in Europe. Our in-depth knowledge of local legislation as well as our privileged relationship with the tax authorities are all assets that guarantee optimal management of your intra-community taxation.

Additional services: VAT, customs and other taxes

In addition to our expertise in VAT, we also offer a full range of services related to VAT (Value Added Tax), customs duties and specific customs procedures as well as alcohol excise duties. As specialists in French and European taxation, we have the necessary skills to answer all your questions and accompany you throughout the process of declaring and paying these different taxes.

Technology & Service: Fast & Efficient Response

Our team of experts has access to high-performance and modern technological tools, which allows us to process your requests quickly and efficiently. Our priority is to provide you with a professional service tailored to your expectations, making the tax process as simple and quick as possible for you.

Trust EUROTAX for the management of your indirect taxation

Navigating the intricacies of tax regulations is not easy. This is why it is important to choose a recognized and certified expert to support you in your reporting obligations. At EUROTAX, we work every day to bring you our expertise in tax representation for indirect taxes in France and the EU.