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Withholding tax (WHT), secure and simplified social contributions management

Since January 1, 2019, according to the article 1671 of the CGI, withholding tax has become compulsory for all employees in France.

Foreign companies employing workers in France are also subject to collect and remit on behalf of their employees withholding tax.

In some cases, when foreign companies do not have a SEPA B2B account, they are required to appoint a tax representative in France, so that he ensures the online payment of withholding tax.

Did you know that the tax representative can also take care of  paying social contributions to various organizations such as URSSAF and healthcare?

In order to allow you to repay the WHT as well as all the social contributions for which you are liable in France, Eurotax offers you its complete assistance for “WHT & Cash Management” offer.

Our assistance for withholding tax

  • Eurotax takes care of all the formalities required with the tax authorities and the social organizations concerned;

(up to 4 organizations for each company);

  • Eurotax is in permanent contact with your payroll manager;
  • Eurotax ensures coordination between different interlocutors.

Withholding tax service benefits

  • A single monthly payment to be made to cover all obligations (WHT and all social contributions);
  • Eurotax dispatches payments to the various organizations;
  • Payments made on time;
  • Penalty risk minimization
  • Time saving and peace of mind for your teams

Do not hesitate to contact us for any request, we will be happy to provide you with more details on our “WHT & Cash Management” offer. For more information, we also invite you to visit our page about withholding tax.

A large number of customers already trust us, Eurotax: your best link with administrations.

  • Foreign companies not subject to the obligation to appoint a tax representative can use our services
  • Companies not wishing to subscribe to the “WHT & Cash Management” offer can use our services for withholding tax management only.

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